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The Butterfly

The Butterfly is a tool that facilitates transformation through a physical movement as an expression of the philosophy behind universal knowing. It offers secure grounding and balance. The practitioner has complete freedom to explore and expand their connection with universal knowledge. Familiarity with other disciplines does not impede the practice of The Butterfly as its capacity for compatibility is exemplary of the needs of today’s environment. The individual has the freedom to integrate the movement and philosophy as their own truth indicates.

The expansion of the connection with universal knowledge embraces the understanding of all that is. Concepts such as original blueprints, self healing, communication at cellular level, DNA matters and direct benefits to the biological system such as improved circulatory function and balance can all be found within what The Butterfly is. The Butterfly is a truth and a beautiful example of the cooperation needed to manifest a new reality. As it is balance it encompasses male and female vibrations.

There are three phases of The Butterfly. Butterfly I establishes skills in grounding, improved circulatory system, physical balance, familiarisation with personal energy, energetic self healing and personal energetic housekeeping. Butterfly II is an expansion that moves a person into the ability of including energetic fields outside of themselves. Here The Butterfly allows for the practitioner to expand their connection with multidimensional energy. During the third phase of The Butterfly, transformation into completion of self has the focus.